Founder, Doctrines, and so forth

Essentially Shintoism and has no founder.   The methods by which we as practitioners of the Shinto faith pay respect to all Kami and Spitirts is essentialy an induvidual excercise.  There are a myrid of ways that have developed in various Shinto sects in relation to paying respect to Kami and Spirits and there by undertaking Shinto practices.

We have no doctrine, unlike most Faiths of the world Shinto is unique in that it does not follow any doctring persay like the Bible or Koran.  No person is told how to worship or pay respect but they are given freedom to undertake this how they see fit.

Over time some common practices have developed, however these are essentially in relation to methods of purification of the self, and practices for developing the person (induvidual).   Koshinto has some methods of carrying out certain activities, however like all things these have changed over time, and I am sure that over the next 100 years they will change further to suite the modern times.

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