The Yamakage School of Ko Shinto

From the outset we wish to make clear that we align ourselves with the teachings and principles of the Yamakage School of Shinto, a Shinto group identified as one of the only Koshinto )Old Shinto groups in Japan.

Why have we chosen to follow this tradition?

Essentially Koshinto and in particuar the Yamakage School centres on the personal and induvidual interaction between the person and Kami or Spirits and their personal journey.  Also that Koshinto recognises and identifies that every thing in the world has either a Kami or Spirit connection, both in relation to ancestors that we pay respect to as well as trees, rocks, rivers, and so on.

While we follow the teachings of Yamakage shinto we are not at present directly linked to their headquaters in Japan, however anyone who knows the way of Shinto understands that this is not a requirement as long as one practices Shinto for the right reasons  and with the right frame of mind.

We have attempted to contact the Yamakage headquaters in Japan, and also their representative in Holland.  At this stage however we have not recieved any return correspondance.  We have prior to committting our direction to the Yamakage way contacted other Shinto groups in other countries, however when asked to pay $100.Dollars per person in US dollars just to be affiliated with them we decided against joining their organisation.

This we believe also stands in contrast to what Shinto is about, as Shinto and in particular Ko Shinto is not about money.

We recomend a current english version text written by the 79th Head Priest of the Yamakage tradition Motoshia Yamakage entitled: The Essence of Shinto.

This publication gives a full and clear understanding of the Yamakage philosophy an History of Shinto and practices for one to commence a personal Journey in the Koshinto and Shinto world.

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