Ko Shinto – Shinto organisation for South Australia

Welcome to Ko Shinto (Ascetic Shinto)

We are the first Shinto organisation to be established in Australia and we operate out of Adelaide South Australia.  Ko Shinto Australia follows the system of the Yamakage line of Koshinto.

Ko Shinto is essentially known as Old Shinto, it has also been termed the simple form of Shinto in that its aim is to enable humans to keep in touch with life, nature, and Kami (Spirits) as simply as possible.

Ko Shinto rituals and or practices can be as simple or as complicated as the individual practitioner wishes them to be. Ko Shinto does not seek or attempt to impose upon any person a dedicated system or how one should pay respect or interact with their world, only to identify that we as humans are part of a world were respect for nature and every entity has relevance.

On the following pages you will find more information about us and our activities, we charge no fees to be part of the world of Shinto, with our only aim to assist in making the life of all a pleasant and happy one both human and non human, and thereby learning to respect and appreciate all that is in our world, while always having and paying respect to our Kami (Spirits).

I wish you well and happiness

Jason Sargent ( Ko Shinto Australia)